Every child deserves a high quality and appropriate curriculum. We follow the guidance of the National Curriculum for our core subjects, the International Primary Curriculum for all foundation subjects and the Westminster curriculum for religious education.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that children receive their entitlement to a broad curriculum and all statutory elements of the National Curriculum in the long term with a continuity and progression of skills, knowledge and understanding.

Our school has unique characteristics, such as mobility and a high percentage of children with English as an Additional Language so we have responded to this by providing a curriculum and approach to teaching that is appropriate for these needs. There are lots of opportunities for practical work and speaking and listening activities to embed learning. The International Primary Curriculum always starts with an entry day which is a visual and practical introduction to the unit of work. All classes also have termly outings or workshops to enhance the unit of study. This is to give them access to specialist resources or teaching that are not available in school.

All foundation subjects are taught in units or topics over half a term. Details of this can be found on the curriculum map shown in the ‘topics’ section. Maths, English and reading are taught every day and children have access to music, ICT and PE every week. There is a curriculum newsletter each term for parents which can be found on the class blog pages.